Ion Collider fAcility

Spin Physics Detector (SPD)

Measurements of asymmetries in the lepton pair (Drell-Yan) production in collisions of non-polarized, longitudinally and transversally polarized protons and deuterons beams are suggested to be performed at the collider NICA of the JINR using the specialized Spin Physics Detector (SPD - These measurements can provide an access to all leading twist collinear and Transverse-Momentum Dependent ditsribution functions of quarks and anti-quarks in nucleons. The measurements of asymmetries in production of J/Ψ and direct photons, which supply complimentary information on the nucleon structure, will be performed simultaneously with Drell-Yan data using dedicated triggers. The set of these measurements permits to tests the quark-parton model of nucleons at the QCD twist-2 level with minimal systematic errors. Physics motivations and possible layout of SPD will be presented as well as the plans for polarized beams at NICA.