Ion Collider fAcility

Injection Complex

The injection complex consists of the following elements:

All the particle sources are placed on own platforms suspended at positive potential of 100–150 keV to provide injection into the linacs (see table “Parameters of Linear Accelerators of NICA Injection Facility”).

The injection complex has two independent parts:

1) the injector for light ions;
2) the injector for heavy ions.

The injector for light ions contains ion sources (laser, duoplasmatron sources, source of polarized protons and deutrons), modernized LU-20 and existing beam injection channel into the synchrotron Nuclotron.

The injector for heavy ions contains the ion source KRION, HILAC and two new beam transfer channels.

Electronic string source of the highly-charged ions "KRION-6", provides heavy ions of Au31+ (up to 2∙109 per pulse with a pulse repetition rate of 10 Hz) and delivers them into the HILac.
High current (10 mA) heavy ion Linac (HILac) with transistor RF amplifier, consists of three accelerating elements: the section RFQ and DTL two sections with two matching transport channels, the average energy-focusing beams.